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Lenses at Wood Opticians

A Few Lens Options


Digital and Analog Progressives

Bifocals and Trifocals

Distance, Intermediate and Near

Transitions, Polarized, Non-Glare

Standard, Impact Resistant, Hi Index

Lenses made just for You

A well made pair of glasses can make life easier, and that’s something we can all appreciate. On the other hand, if mistakes are made life is going to be tougher than it needs to be! After a while your brain can overcome some mistakes, but you’ll have discomfort and eye strain you shouldn’t have to put up with. Here at Wood Opticians, we will take great care to make sure your lenses are made to fit your prescription and facial structure.


Every year new options are developed for your lenses, we can help you decide which upgrades you will appreciate, and which ones aren’t needed.  For example, did you know of all seven lens materials used in the US, the least expensive is also the most optically pure?  If your prescription is suitable, upgrading to a lighter thinner lens may actually decrease your visual acuity.


Wood Opticians is focused on solving problems you may have with your vision, as opposed to offering the same upgrades to almost everyone, like the big box stores do.  Did you know lenses that get darker when you go outside start to lighten up when you get in the car?  We will ask you about your commute, your vocation and your light sensitivity to help you decide if that upgrade could be a benefit or an annoyance for you.


If you work with dual monitors, there are three very good options to your everyday glasses that could make your life much easier.  The best way to choose what’s right for you, depends on things like: do you work exclusively on monitors, or do you go back and forth between your work surface and the monitor? Again, sometimes the less expensive option is the best option for your work life.


Our mission is to provide you with custom eyewear, that fits your lifestyle and your prescription, so you can enjoy your best vision, safety and comfort.  

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